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Child custody
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I was injured vehicle accident. I could not drive and was unable to meet my ex to drop off our daughter for his parenting time. He refused to drive the extra distance to pick her up. When I could drive he stopped calling. He has not seen her for 8 months. We went to court Wed for a modification hearing. He told the judge I refused to let him see her so he quit calling. I was charged with contempt. What recourse do I have?

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Answered on May-13-2015

If your parenting time required you to meet your ex part way, or half way,  technically by not doing that you are violating your support agreement. You should have made arrangements for someone else to take your daughter and meet your ex for pickup, or at the time of injury, notified the court that you were unable to drive and meet your ex as per your stated custody agreement. I would be more than happy to contact you and discuss further options and where to go from here.