Finding a family law attorney, tips and tricks

How to Find a Good Family Law Attorney.

  • 1. Determine whether you need a family-law attorney or lawyer.  Step one  in finding the right attorney is realizing if you actually need one.
  • 2. Determine the location. Normally you will bring a legal case in the county where both parties live or in the county in which the opposing party lives.
  • 3. Search for a family-law lawyer or attorney in the county where you plan on filing your case. Begin making a list of possible attorneys as soon as you have done some research on
  • 4. Simple online research can serve as a background check of sorts and provide a wealth of information about some of the attorneys available.

Auto Accidents and what to know when searching for a lawyer

If you find yourself involved in a vehicle accident, the last thing you want to think about is finding an attorney that will understand your individual situation.

Without having to get into a huge background and investigation looking for some main qualities can help you find that right lawyer for you.

  1. Look for experience : Someone who has been in the business for some time and has extensive knowledge of the law and of the court system itself.  Along with that comes knowledge of the court itself and the people involved with everything court related, admin, prosecutors, police, and judges.
  2. Reputation : It doesn’t take long for a person to gain a reputation when it comes to the legal system. They are going to be looked at in many different lights and what you are looking for plays a big part in this. Are you looking for  a cut-throat attorney that will do anything to get you every dollar he can while you hold on to the reigns, or are you looking for someone who will lead you thru the process step by step asking your opinion on each individual subject or question as it comes.  There will be good, bad, great, and Eh they are ok.
  3. Comfort with an attorney : It all boils down to are you comfortable with this lawyer? Are you happy with their firm and the people at it and how they represent your interests? Can they devote the time you need to your case?

Being in an auto accident can be a traumatic experience and you need someone to help you thru the legal issues you might encounter. Find your Lawyer or attorney at

Malpractice Lawsuits – What to know

Even though your doctor may have made a mistake in providing care to you as a patient, it may not be considered “malpractice”.  Some details need to be established before filing a lawsuit.  What to consider:

Was there a breach of duty?  Did they violate their duty of care to you as a patient. For example : sewing you up and leaving a foreign object inside of you such as  metal pieces or tools.

Was an injury caused?  A certain action that could cause pain or discomfort to a patient. Something that may cause infection, damage to internal organs, or other problems.  Some issues may be obvious, other not so easy to prove.

Is their proper evidence to support your claim?  Medical evidence must present a sufficient case. In some cases you may sue a hospital directly, an insurance company, or a doctor directly. In some situations all three.  But to start, you will need medical evidence and professional experts to support your case.  You will need to rely on testimony supporting your case files. Your attorney can assist you in defining what is relevant info for your case.

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Criminal Defense and the Public Defender

When paying for a high price defense attorney is not feasible, dealing with a public defender may be your only option. Here are some things you may need to consider.

The attorney you’re dealing with may not be dedicated to your case alone. Rest assured they will do their best to devote their time and attention to your case.  Additional info can also be found as well in the NLADA (National Legal Aid and Defender Association).

Don’t be discouraged if you see your public defender chatting it up with other attorneys or the judge. They work together on a daily basis and respect each others positions in the court.

When given your chance to have a meeting with your attorney, be direct and to the point with your info. The public defender will do their best to fight your case.

Remember, a win for you is still a win for them, so be assured they want to fight their cases for wins. They want to help those who can’t help themselves. For more info talk to one of our lawyers and get their opinion as well.

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Employer Class Action Lawsuits

Class action law suits can definitely prompt sides to use various techniques and strategies.  This can vary from side to side in every aspect.  Both sides need to be ever vigilant when it comes to the other party and moves they might make.

An employment class action lawsuit for instance is when an employer has wronged a large amount of employees.  All lawsuits against an employer are put into one “class action”.

While this method could take longer than going individually, many actions are faster.  The law requires that the class “be so numerous that joinder of all members is impracticable”  This means the employers conduct must have affected enough employees that including them all together, and presenting the evidence of their claims, is not practical.

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