Criminal Defense and the Public Defender

When paying for a high price defense attorney is not feasible, dealing with a public defender may be your only option. Here are some things you may need to consider.

The attorney you’re dealing with may not be dedicated to your case alone. Rest assured they will do their best to devote their time and attention to your case.  Additional info can also be found as well in the NLADA (National Legal Aid and Defender Association).

Don’t be discouraged if you see your public defender chatting it up with other attorneys or the judge. They work together on a daily basis and respect each others positions in the court.

When given your chance to have a meeting with your attorney, be direct and to the point with your info. The public defender will do their best to fight your case.

Remember, a win for you is still a win for them, so be assured they want to fight their cases for wins. They want to help those who can’t help themselves. For more info talk to one of our lawyers and get their opinion as well.

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