Malpractice Lawsuits – What to know

Even though your doctor may have made a mistake in providing care to you as a patient, it may not be considered “malpractice”.  Some details need to be established before filing a lawsuit.  What to consider:

Was there a breach of duty?  Did they violate their duty of care to you as a patient. For example : sewing you up and leaving a foreign object inside of you such as  metal pieces or tools.

Was an injury caused?  A certain action that could cause pain or discomfort to a patient. Something that may cause infection, damage to internal organs, or other problems.  Some issues may be obvious, other not so easy to prove.

Is their proper evidence to support your claim?  Medical evidence must present a sufficient case. In some cases you may sue a hospital directly, an insurance company, or a doctor directly. In some situations all three.  But to start, you will need medical evidence and professional experts to support your case.  You will need to rely on testimony supporting your case files. Your attorney can assist you in defining what is relevant info for your case.

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